RyanTim and I are thrilled to announce that has been acquired by Aol. Whereto begin, there is so much to say but we’ll try to be informative, yet brief for today’s ‘get it now, read it fast, tweet it’ internet reader.

We founded so that any of us could quickly build a personal and dynamic splash page that points visitors to your content around the web (Facebook, LinkedIn, Flickr and Twitter) – be it for personal use, or to create a professional on-line profile. is one of those “duh, why hasn’t someone done that” type of ideas. While a simple concept, it’s clear that it has struck a nerve given the accelerating adoption that Techcrunch reported last week.

At some point in every story, one realizes that all roads lead through OM – a little history. Tim was the first to see the opportunity. In late 2007, he embarked on a research project (“Ant Farm”) to dissect Facebook and make it public after seeing how Twitter had taken status updates and wall posts and turn them into a more public service. Twitter also exposed the need to point to something – if you didn’t have an active blog or your bio somewhere, you felt a bit exposed.  After leaving Aol (they acquired Sphere in 2008 which I co-founded with Martin Remy, Steve Neiker and Toni Schneider), I started to kick around some ideas around identity and OM suggested Tim and I connect – we did and quickly decided to go for it. If you don’t know Tim, you should – he’s exceptionally bright, pragmatic, one of the special thinkers in our community. Thank you OM, you are truly once again the wizard behind the curtain. To help us bring our thoughts to life, we turned to Ryan, the uber talented ex-adaptive path guru. Ryan and I had worked together in the earliest days of Sphere and I knew he was one of the leading experts in UX Design and Theory. You can see Tim’s vision and Ryan’s paw prints all over

Going forward, our business approach will also remain unchanged – start-up-style, with the same hunger and spirit was founded on. We are joining Aol at an opportune time. Aol is doing what great, sustainable business do every so often – they’re reinventing themselves. As the business model of the oldest and one of the most venerable Internet businesses evolves, becomes an important piece of their strategy to reach across and engage the web. In the past year, Aol has moved aggressively to build their senior management team around some of the web’s finest minds – we’ll work in Brad Garlinhouse’s Consumer Applications group (as an aside, Brad and I have known each other since he acquired Oddpost, a company in which I was a Board Director). We think it’s a huge advantage to advantage to become part of a suite of communication (AIM, Aol Mail) and community driven (Patch, Seed) services. This is truly a win-win for our users, investors, team and Aol.

A hearty acknowledgment of our team who has worked tirelessly to build a beautiful product that scales: CTO Andy Hao who guided us to a successful launch; Luke Gotzling who joined us when we had an idea and two nickles to pay him; Alex Bendig who after Sphere was crazy enough to work with me a second time; Jake Alheid who joined the virtual company ranks; Ryan Fujiu who allows us to call him “Fujibear”; and Shawn Collins, Pascal Balthrop & Nathan Fitzsimmons who let a part-time gig turn into a full time vocation. If you have a chance to pass them a note, please do so from their pages. Lastly, we humbly thank everyone involved:

We’re thrilled to be part of this new genesis!

76 thoughts on “Booyah!

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  2. Congrats Tony, Tim & Ryan !!

    Great domain name and the simplicity of the app clinched the deal.


    Vengo Ventures

  3. Yay! I love it. I just noticed the email you guys sent us a few days back that the names we registered for were ready to use. I hope that AOL will treat better than Yahoo! is treating Delicious. Good luck, it’s great service.

  4. “Aol is doing what great, sustainable business do every so often – they’re reinventing themselves.”

    Also PISSED myself when I read that

  5. I love stories like this with a happy ending! Congrats on being picked up by AOL as well as being freshly pressed. Both are well deserved!



    PS Is AOL investing in pretty Greek rocker chicks who write their own blogs?

  6. share blog sir…………

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    for booyah or who has this site thanks

  7. Nice to know AOL is still alive and kicking. I remember having AOL from 23 years ago when I got my first 286 IBM! And AOL IM was “WOW, YOU CAN TALK TO YOUR FRIEND VIA THE INTERNET??! And all those AOL discs that I ended up using in my garden to keep the deer away!

    Kudos and props to you and your gurus!

  8. Wow! Well Congratulations to you! That is terrific! I can’t even imagine, but it must have taken a lot of hard work and determination! It does pay off, huh? Congrats on being Freshly Pressed, so now some more people will know about the whole thing, too.

  9. It is not easy to identify, in memory, the people of your ability, and what your sort were doing, before this age of social sites, and the pocket technology itself. You amaze me. It is a constant entertainment.

  10. What a great win. I saw your answers to “How is different from” at Quora, and think you clearly differentiate from them. In your opinion was there one thing, on that list or not, that was an “Ah-ha” insight when you knew would prevail over them?

  11. For the past few years have been hearing that aol would be no more.
    Sort of reminds me of that line by Mark Twain “The Rumors of My Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated.”

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