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Still blown away at our global reach – who would’ve thought a small idea to create a public profile (we used to call it a “splash page”!) would reach millions of people almost everywhere in the world in just 2.5 years – #ProudOfOurTeam

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In the 19th century, the British Empire declared itself as “The empire on which the sun never sets” to describe its extensive global reach, which extended so far as to always have one piece of land in daylight.

In the 21st century, it looks like the same can be said for users. No matter what time of day, somebody is on We have a global user base that extends across 6 continents (we haven’t gotten to colonizing Antarctica yet, but it’s on our to-do list). Take a look at this neat visualization of users who have chosen to tag their locations:

Pretty cool, huh? You can scroll around and look for your hometown! It’s worth noting that there are a large proportion of users who choose to keep his/her location private – in that case, you wouldn’t have been included in the above visual.

It’s easy…

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