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In this social age, students need to communicate their passions, personality and where they’re heading – I think that’s one of the main reasons we’ve seen such enthusiastic adoption of by College Students amongst our broad community of users.

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We are big fans of students here at – and it’s clear students like us too. We’ve seen a major increase in students on the site in the past year. One reason for the increase is that there are simply more people than ever creating pages. But there’s also something specific driving student engagement.

Beatrice Tretbar on

Pages help students present themselves positively. While a resume may still be necessary to get a job or internship, it only focuses on what you’ve done. Using just a resume (or CV) students will always come off looking second-best compared to someone with more experience. But experience isn’t everything.

An page allows students to showoff their passions, personality and where they’re heading, in addition to past experience. And the free business cards don’t hurt either.


The students here represent just a sliver of the academic community on Try searching for your college or…

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