I’m a start-up junkie, love the community of founders and coders I’ve been fortunate to work with in the past decade. In addition to founding about.me & Sphere, I’m a member of the True Ventures founding team, leading investments in WordPress, Blue Bottle Coffee, MakerBot, Typekit, ToyTalk, 9GAG, KISSmetrics, appssavvy to name a few. I’m also a T40 National Co-Chair of Technology for Obama.

I grew up in a small Indiana farming community. Since, l’ve lived in Chicago, New York, New Delhi, Paris, Jakarta & San Francisco. I’m into entrepreneurship, travel, languages, art, architecture, scuba, running, biking & swimming (KONA Rohto Ironman). Most importantly, I’ve got serious parking karma to offset my unfortunate habit of rooting for the Cubs.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Dear Mr. Conrad:

    I am thankful to you for being able to have an about.me page.

    It is just what I needed—I am new at setting up Web sites to promote my new book. I made notes of all I needed to do. It became confusing to keep up with the notes. I like to be accurate and do what is needed.

    I was so blessed when I setup my WordPress blog and discovered the about.me widget and how simple it was to apply.

    When I setup my about.me page—Tom Denning’s beautiful-magnificent London photo came up as the background for my page. Its beauty took my breath and captured my heart in a way that stays forever. My heart said “I will never change this picture. I want to be very careful-not to do anything to make it go away.” His photo shows people that view my page the art of my heart and then some.

    Your about.me and this photo was extra special—my father passed of cancer, my mother had a stroke and then some. It has been a lot setting up all my Web pages (on my on for the first time) to market my book. I so needed this good thing to happen to me.

    I thank you and your team at about.me.


    Katherine Lyles (AKA Cycle Girl)

  2. Hello Tony Thanks for the invite I think I believe we are connected over about.me I joined about me a while back. I love about.me as it gives me a great platform to show my work. Are you open to look at new opportunity I have a cool concept I am working on and looking for a Internet Company to support the .idea and concept.

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